Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Julia Allison in the air!

Allison and crew are the ultimate examples of a new form of digital elite: young women with the money and means to fly around the world on private jets to meet with multi-media executives, attend tech conferences and essentially broadcast their lives 24/7 to an ever-growing cadre of online fans. So your first step? Get a Web site and a smart phone with a video recorder. As for other pointers:

Make sure the dogs are comfortable:
"On normal planes, pets are shunned," Allison says, "but on ours they get their own seats." Adds Rambin: “I used to have a dog that would get sick every 45 minutes. Pretty soon, the staff on the plane just planned for it."

Eat: "It might sound stereotypical," Asha says, "but I like organic food. I’m not embarrassed to say I ask for vegan cookies."

Drink: Champagne is, of course, a must, but the girls' secret weapon is a Blueprint Cleanse (blueprintcleanse.com). The six-juice regimen is intended to help clear the body of toxins associated with overindulgence (one downside of the It Girl lifestyle), and can help shed a few pounds in a hurry.

And be merry: As much as the ladies would like to try yoga, when flight time isn't spent blogging, it's usually used for simply catching up with each other. "And I have to be honest," Asha says, "it’s a gossip-fest."

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